Globus provides custom system software development services that include desktop application development, database development, website development, support, research and development. Custom system software application development, ecommerce software development, programming and coding services, technical support and maintenance are among our core services. Its IT staffing solution services will provide job placement of IT and other professionals on full-time, part-time, or contract basis.


Our services range from understanding user requirements, offering consultancy on solutions, handling turnkey solutions for clients, designing, developing and implementing web sites and applications, interfacing with hosting providers, ongoing maintenance and customer support for existing sites and applications.
The capabilities we use are programming and coding for software :
.Net programming .
Microsoft technologies.
Java technologies.
Custom system software development.
Website design.
E-commerce solutions.
Quality management.
Technical website analysis.
Website navigation.
Ensure that its behavior and functionality exactly matches your needs. Whether it is managing clients, resources and stock, or performing more niche operations, a custom system application can ensure smooth business operations.
Clear advantages to writing applications in-house, especially if resources are stretched. It has been specifically designed for your particular requirements and can be tailored to fit in exactly with the way that the business or organization operates.
It can be customized to interface with other software that you operate with the potential to provide you with a fully integrated IT infrastructure across your whole organization
The software can be tuned to specific needs providing performance benefits that are just not feasible with packaged software
Users will usually find it easier and more intuitive to use as it should not contain unnecessary or superfluous facilities and should operate in the way that they are used to working
It can incorporate business processes that are specific to you and which do not exist in any packaged solution
It is much more flexible than packaged software and can be modified and changed over time as your requirements and business practices change
Receive much better support and can in many cases talk directly to the developers concerned
The company as the user can suggest alternatives, improvements and by acting as a source of IT advice and information.
The use of professionally developed software applications can give you a significant business advantage over your competition
Our Pricing Categories :
Our pricing differs for each project undertaken and your requirements. However, we have base pricing which is common and is as follows
1. Fixed Price
2. Time and Material (T&M)
3. Full Time Equivalent (FTE)/Rate Card
Fixed Price :
Features are.
1. Fixed Price
2. Fixed Scope)
3. Familiar requirement (similar completed projects) or clear requirement (detailed analysis & application design already completed)
4. Project Management, User Interface Design, Devolvement and Quality Testing. No Project Analysis involved.
5. If IP is required, then Globus Solutions maintains ownership of IP (Intellectual property), but obtains full rights to use the software. If the application is fully designed when we get access to it, then we give the IP rights to the client.
Typically requested by clients with less project clarity requirements and offered by us only when we have a high understanding of the requirements. Advantages of this arrangement are budget prediction and perceived low risk.
Time & Material :
Features are.
1. Standard rate – $rate/hr – irrespective of resource used
2. Follows typical System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) timelines: Concept (system needs), Analysis, Design, Project Management, User Interface, Coding, and Testing
3. Client involvement
4. Client keeps IP (if required)
Contract Full Time Equivalent/Rate Card :
Features are.
We give a monthly rate card for different skill sets such as Analysis, Project Management, User Interface, Programming, Testing, and Database specialist.
1. Highly flexible – can follow any development cycle
2. Individual service can be offered e.g. Analysis, Programming, Database Development, etc.
3. Dedicated IT team that you will manage to tell what you need completed.
4. Client is provided a competent Project / IT manager to ensure project completion according to requirements.
5. Client involvement is high.
The dedicated team is working for you with all levels of expertise on the application or project. This places a high amount of control in your hands.
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