Discussion of your needs and our capabilities.
Determine if it makes sense for us to work together and arrange an agreement.
Expectations (click here).
Develop complete profile of your company and open position(s)
Determine candidate qualifications.
Discussion of candidate critical success factors.
Gain insight into management personalities & work environment to understand the cultural fit
Evaluate Compensation vs. Job Qualifications…Is it realistic?
Presentation of your company & review of your hiring needs with our Tenured recruiting team.
Completely cover the market for IT and management talent.
Globus Solutions’ recruiters meet ALL candidates face to face
Prepare selected candidates to meet with you.
Discussion of protocol and all decision makers in the process .
Schedule meetings
Gather and discuss feedback
Coach and prep on what is necessary to secure the candidate you want to hire.
Offer extension
Offer acceptance assistance and debriefing
Periodic follow-up throughout the beginning of candidate’s new career .
Intervention to remedy any concerns or miscommunication that may arise .


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